Take Action to Restore Our Waters (test)

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Government has failed to protect and restore our rivers, lakes and estuaries for years and now half are unhealthy and pollution is escalating!

Take action by emailing Minister Darragh O'Brien and Minister Malcolm Noonan calling on them to strengthen their weak plan for Ireland's waters with our recommendations.


The government has published a proposed water management plan for the next five years (the River Basin Management Plan) but it’s weak and won’t work. Sustainable Water Network (SWAN), is a network of 25 of Ireland’s leading local & national environmental groups that work together to protect Ireland’s water environment. We have seven key recommendations for a far stronger plan to tackle issues such as inadequately treated sewage, unregulated land drainage & river alterations, and unsustainable land use, especially intensive agriculture in vulnerable and nutrient-saturated catchments. Recommendations that more than two-thirds of the submissions to the public consultation supported. 


Now we need you to email Minister Darragh O'Brien and Minister Malcom Noonan to support our call on them to adopt these recommendations in the final plan.

We all need and use our rivers, lakes & coast, and need them to be clean and healthy.

Will you act now for your water environment?


Read more about how to take actionSWAN’s 7 Askswhy we need action and who is SWAN below. 


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